Something about this blog

Hi! I am interested on blogs some years ago. But, truth is another, because this interest was so long. Maybe, I’ll write about It.

My first blogs were in Slovak language, but I have said, that It will be good to write some English blogs too. I have created those blogs, because of following reasons:

Some people would like to know something new. Everyone are interested on things, which are on trends and don’t use the internet corectly. I have decided to change It and improve not only internet in this way, but also human thinkings.

This is finally, main blog about my interests and maybe, I’ll plan to delete some blogs and move or create content of this blogs here. This is main blog of Tanuki space projects, which I have launched. Tanuki means in Japanese language Japanese raccoon dog. This is also blog in English, not only for Slovaks and Czechs, but for people, which can speak English. I hope, that maybe new blogs in another languages will be launchet in the future.