Language humorous beasts

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But, I’ll talk about another humour, which can happened due to misstakes of technical translator, or if some words have two meanings in another languages and It can be good to make humour of It. Those things can sometimes happened in such technical translators, as Google translate. It is often, if for example there is similar word like word, which You wrote down, or languages often translate across the English language. Ofcourse, some mutual intelligible languages have good translation, for example Slovak and Czech, Serbian and Croatian ETC. This is maybe, because those translations were developed individually.

Here You have some good and humorous examples of homonimic translations from Czech or Slovak, to English language:

  • I am from Exit – It means “Som z východu”, but this is incorrect translation to English language. Phrase “Som z východu” means in Slovak language ‘I am from east’, or ‘I am from eastern Slovakia’. But word “východ” is translated not just, as east, but also, like exit.
  • Relax in room – Odpočívej v pokoji (Czech) -Again, bad and humorous translation. Correct translation is ‘Rest in peace’. But words “odpočíva in czech, odpočívať in Slovak” means both ‘rest’ and ‘relax’. Word ‘room’ is translated to Slovak language, like “Izba”, but to Czech language, like “pokoj”, which means ‘peace’ both in Czech and Slovak language, but also in Czech it means ‘room’.
  • sausage of lovers – Párek milenců (in Czech) – Again, false translation. Correct translation is ‘a little pair of lovers’, or ‘pair of lovers’. But, word ‘sausage’ is translated in Slovak language, or Czech, like “klobása, párok, párek” ETC. But, in Czech language word “párek” means ‘pair’, or ‘little pair’ or ‘pair in diminutive form’.

There are lot of humorous translations of those languages, but I have remembered only some of those translations. But, did You know, that forbidden fruit We sometimes known, as an apple? Again, bad translation, but by people. This is not language humour, or technical translation. Latin word ‘Malum’, which means ‘bad’, ‘disaster’, ‘calamity’ means also ‘apple’. Language is sometimes beast and also, where are a lot of homophony, there are various meanings of one word. For example, lotus in chinese and love is have same pronunciation. Due to this, lotus is in China symbol of love. In Arabic, there is one word for life and bread. You can play with language, as You can. For example, I have good by permutation name ‘Serena’ such examples, as ‘arsene’. I have remembered also of one example, but It was before this time, when I have practiced English language very often. In one computer game, there was a bad expression: ‘Kiss My fairy rotten arse!’ Ofcourse, I didn’t understand another part of sentence, but I understand only ‘kiss my fairy’ and last word, as ‘us’, or ‘as’, but not, like brittish equivalent of american word ‘ass’ (‘arse’). There are also another situations, which can happened before Google translation were in Slovak language, like: ‘Look like my cry’ was translated by word to word ‘what is your name’ from Slovak to English. But, Google translate have some samples, like a document files, which people can translate. But, translations of texts are sometimes bad.


A Solitaire for divination?

Maybe somebody of You knowns very well Solitaire (Patience) game. This game can be played also only with one player. Basical idea is of this game, sorting cards in some manner.

When I have played for example Klondike, I have discovered, that those games were used also for divination, or relaxation. But, where to find a correct manual, how to do that? Specifically, I have oriented on my intuition and not just of another texts, because intuition is very important in this thing.

There are four suits (or colors), as You know: Hearts, spades, diamonds and clubs. This is typical with for english card suits to have joker, but there isn’t any joker here. Also, combinations of Klondike (basic Solitaire game) is very simple. You can combine king of hearts, queen of Spades and jack of diamonds, but not King of hearts, with queen of hearts ETC. This is same, as Yin and Yang principle. Remember, that Hearts representing something spiritual, water, glasses, or water. Spades, as opposite presents fire, swords and fighting. Next are diamonds, which represents rich, coins, gold, metal or earth. After that, opposite is clubs, which presents hard work, poor, or air. Very important is, how to create suits blocks. You first start with ace and ends with king. There are 13 values, not 12 or 14. Number of values. It means, that total number of values is odd, not even. But, if king is man, it represents Yang and queen is woman, it is automatically Yin. Yang means yes, Yin no, but ace is not shure, because ace is only one. This same is with two, because only one ‘yes’ and one ‘no’ is not enough for deciding.

Also, rows of piles are also 7, which You can use for manipulation. 7 is a fortune number, or number of chakras, basical tones (as solfeggios, or for indian classical music). Because of It, You can use those cards for such things, like fortune telling, or divination. This is just help for somebody, which would like to practice It, but rather don’t say big truth to anothers, because people must be like theyr selves, not like You.

Gemstones & musical instruments

One friend says to me: “You explain me about music, but unnecessarily. I am interested on pictures and gemstones, but I can’t explain It to You, because You are blind.” This speech get me one hurt, because there are sometimes things, which We can’t understand, due to the lost of one sense, in this example sight. She loves gemstones and I love various musical instruments from around the world. I couldnn’t explain uniqueness of those things to her and vice versa. I felt, that I found sometimes both things, gemstones and ethnic musical instruments.

This dream started to be real, because You can found both things in this site, but mainly in German. I was surprised, how site with musical instruments has been changed. I think, that those things depends of people, but if I’ve discovered those things and divisions, I understand now, that some people needs precious stones, some musical instruments ETC.

Last thing, which I would like to mention is: I was also in gemstone shop with her. She was very happy and also, I have heard a beautiful chimes at the door. I have also touched some stones, but I haven’t feeling of It. I wanted to know It, why, but this question was answered today. Some people likes gemstones, some likes musical instruments, or various vocal techniques, like me. Stephan Micus didn’t collect and study musical instruments to improve ego, but mainly for his self. Also, people which plays on various musical instruments are very great and I admire those people. Ofcourse, precious stones are up to nothing, but maybe if I’ll sighted, I’ll admire those things too.

Bright and dark environments

I have most hope, when I have holiday in Egypt, that some people thinks also on another things, not just on material, but also on spiritual values, such as culture. I have brought also Ukulele in last holiday in Egypt. This was some prediction of something, because I haven’t brink any musical instrument with me.

When I arrived to the Egypt, I have noticed, that environment is mostly dark and not bright, like in previous time. I think, this wasn’t by tourism. It was of ambient, or environment. I can’t explain It, this is mostly spiritual, or something, like feeling. I have explained It to some people, which lives in Egypt and they says, that this is result of politics in this country. Various things were explained to me of politics, but I thought, that those things are not of politics. Those things were spiritual, or cultural. Ofcourse, holiday was very well, but those things, like culture, art are also important and those things are mistaked for Egypt nowadays. Maybe due to those things, environment in Egypt is dark now.

I have changed littlebid It at one shop, when I have brought my Ukulele and play some arabic egyptian songs. Shop sellers recorded me, as a video, where I sang and played Ukulele. I have noticed, that environment is still dark, but little bright. Slovakia is still little brighter, like nowadays Egypt. It is maybe, because for Egypt, most things are mostly non cultural and this is not very good.

There is harmony of the universe in pure tuning

This thing was happened maybe on 10th june 2017. I have tried to understand of the pure tuning. I know one method, which is very best. I use software to generate multiples of one frequency. It means, that I have generated fundamental tone and overtones in sine wave. It means, that I have used pure tone (sinusoidal tone), which is very best for those purposes. I made most things, that I have played those tones from basic (fundamental) tone and not an overtones. It means, that first was tone with 100 HZ, then 200 HZ, 300 HZ ETC. I’ve got a new idea to play it backward (reversely) by overtones. Ofcourse, this idea was very good, because due to the multiplification I have discovered, that this fundamental tone is played, also It was muted. I think, that It was something, like interference, which I have read about and I have discovered It too. I have heard, that tuning, which was created by this method is pure tuning.

I have various tunings on my keyboard, also pure tunings (or just intonation tunings) too. I would like also to explain, that equal temperament is not based on mathematical overtones and was created to every melody, but just intonation tuning is based on overtones, but It is rather used in melody, which is not very modulated, for example in indian classical music. I knew, which tones will be as those pure tones, so I have played C E G (C major chord) and result was unique. I have also pure major tuning, but I have discovered, that for this tuning was tuned also note a, which was specially chosen by company of this musical instrument, which I have. Those tunes was based on human’s intonation. I love those pure tunings and by some people, also by those overtones, there is also universal harmony.

People in Far East walks onward with presence

It was year 2012, when I’ve discovere a new japanese Audio game. Audio game is game for the blind. This game was programmed by one guy from Japan. This game was better, like games, which were programmed by some american blind programmers, or another blind programmers. This game becomes one of the most playable game not only in Japan, but also in the western world. Some people started to interest on japanese culture due to this game, me too. I must say, that ends after some months, but It wasn’t enough. In this year, one K-pop song has started to become popular also in my country. Some Christian radicals have marked this song without real evidences, as satanistic song. This song isn’t about devil. I think, that It was due to big enviousness, that one pop song from Asia is most popular, like western, or slovak pop songs. I think specially on some Slovakian christian zines, but I think, that those Christians were very xenophobic.

After one year, I have started to interest on eastern philosophies, like Buddhism, Hinduism or Taoism. In the year 2015 I started to created also some K-pop collection. I had some J-pop songs too, but there were maybe something, which I can’t explain. Some people have said, that K-pop is “poper”, like our Pop. I don’t know, how to translate It from My language, but My explanation of this was, that K-pop is sometimes better, like our Pop. I have found also answer before some days ago, when I have created the Youtube Playlist of Far east pop music, like Thai pop, C-pop, J-pop, K-pop ETC. Those questions were: “How is It, that those genres are better? How is It, that Asian science is in greater level, like western science?” I have heard also from some people about India, that people onli “meditate and didn’t nothing”.

Here is My answer. Some people, which have such philosopies, like Buddhism, Zen Buddhism or Taoism try aply It to the life. Those people are not understand those things, as We understand Christianity, “religion”. People of those countries have good philosophy, which is easily explained, like “live in presence”. Big obstacle to the enlightenment, or liber liberation. Maybe, due to this, people of South Korea, China or Japan apply those things to theyr cultures.

If Christians learns, that religion is aboutForgiveness of sins, some monotheistic religions have forgotten on life in present time. This is also very important and also, ego or rating is the big trap to people. Taoists have also philosophy about life with natural harmony, but this is not about philosophy of Asia. I also understand, why in K-pop are so many English words. People of South Korea, maybe Japan too know very well, that English is currently something, like world, or global language. I know also many people, which are interested on japanese Manga, Anime, K-pop, maybe C-pop, Korean drama and another things from those countries and they love those things. Remember, that people in Far East walk onward with presence.

Intuitive musical instruments, or alternative path to the music

I’ve played ethno music manytimes. I still love It and I have discovered, that some people love It too. Some people would like to rather create something, like ‘natural music’ and played on instruments, which are ethnic, but easy to learn or maybe, intuitive to learn. There is also something, which isn’t musical instrument, but vocal technique, which is very unique by some people.

Which musical instruments are mostly intuitive? Which musical instruments can You easily learn and what vocal technique? There are various kinds of percussions and drums, for example Djembe. Djembe is drum from western Africa. Nextly, another musical instruments are various pipes, for example some pentatonic flutes (Native american flute), or overtone flutes (Koncovka or Fujara). Nextly, some Jawharps are also very great to play, for example Dan moi. Very important for this kind of music is Didgeridoo, which is really natural musical instrument. There are also various percussions, for example rattles or shakers, Shaman frame drums, tibetan singing bowls ETC. Very important is also vocal technique named overtone singing. Human voice isn’t beautiful in chorus, or in opera, but also You can sing two or three notes together. Overtone (or throat) singing is kind of vocal performance, which You can sings really natural scale (overtones), which is very rarely in the west.

If You think, that playing music is drudgery, It is not true. People of various tribes have different opinion of music and I be able to admit, that I love those kind of music. Ofcourse, there are maybe a lot of musical instruments. Remember also, that some ethnic musical instruments may not be expensive. I’ve heard also about musical instruments, which are ethnic, but very heard to learn. Try buy for example Kalimba and You’ll discover, that this musical instrument isn’t difficult.

Everything is in our hand

Sometimes I notice, that many people are not interested on cultural things. For example, there was also one article in Czech, where one student have written, that art is upto nothing and very important is money. Ofcourse, for those words he’ve got success. But, this thesis shall be about art. What was happened?

Most of people are not interested on culture. Those people have mostly economical mind, not cultural. This is not enough, because artists have also crisis. I had those things too. I have heard, that this is just normal. For example I have feeling, that there is another music stream of interests, not this, which We very know, as Pop, or Classical music. This same is about the painting, or sculpture. Also, those people, which have more money feel happy? My answer is, no.

I understand, that money is important, but also, very important is culture and art. Those things can be developed without politics, or global stream of culture. I have noticed It by example, when I have heard sounds of nature by one radio stream via internet, or when I have played on nepalese bamboo flute. There are also very easy musical instruments, which You can learn. I think on ethnic musical instruments, which are not very expensive. Remember, that also authors, composers and famous celebrities haven’t excellent life. Everything is in our hands.

Why I love blogging?

Maybe of new people have those question, why blogging? Why I love blogging and Why I haven’t website. Ofcourse, I have thought on It. It was a long time, where I have tried to find new things for case, if music won’t be my favourite interest. It is good, that It continues. I have noticed, that some blind people recorded stories to computers, broadcasting on internet radio, or some have also websites. But, I have discovered, that this is not my new interest.

I have started to write some short stories, which have been popular only amongst my friends. Nextly, I have heard about blogs and I started to love those things.

I have encountered also, that webpage is static and blog is dinamic. For easy explanation, webpages are grown, but blogs still growing. This is very easy explanation, but main idea of those things was that, that I am interested on various things and I discover new things too. Also, some radio stations haven’t archives, but blogs are very good, because everything is archived there, if You don’t delete a blog. Also, I love podcasts too, but podcasts are blogs in audio. I know also, that some people don’t love reading, but maybe somebody will read my blogs too.