Koreans and my interest in this nation

Korean language is language isolate. This language is divided due to political things to North Korean language and South Korean language, also known as Koreanic languages. Ofcourse, there is maybe chinese Korean, or Jeju dialect.

Some people classified Korean language to Altaic languages, some people also says, that Korean language is in Japonic language family, but those are just theories without any evidences. I also thought on those theories, but only just by listening of this language. There are also some mongolian and japan sounds too, but those are just sounds. It was also, because of music. In traditional korean music, there are some similarities with for example mongolian music. Somebody says to me, that Chinese, Japan and Korean languages are in same family, but It was mistake due to use of chinese characters and cultural influences in those nations. But nowadays, Korean doesn’t use chinese characters, only sometimes.

I’ll be continued now about korean music. Ofcourse, I have listened littlebid something from traditional music, bat in 2012, there was song of K-pop in our charts too. If You guess Gangnam style from Psy, that’s right. In this case, Korean started to be sounds not just Altaic, but also Japonic too. It was maybe, because I was interested on Japanese language in this age.

I known, how sounds Mandarin Chinese, also Japanese, but Korean was secred to me. In My screen reader, there is implementation also of Korean language. It started to be maybe five years ago. Ofcourse, this Korean is not good.

But in 2014, I was in France in Paris in floating around the Seine. When We was near some monument, recorded guiding spoken word says some information about this monument in French, English, Spanish, Italian, Mandarin and…. What was this last language? Japanese? But, there were sounds and words, which weren’t in Japanese. Some words we’ll repeated. It was part of one of politeness in this language. Ofcourse, in Japanese there are also various forms of expressing politeness. I have little idea, that It is maybe Korean. After returning home I have entered one phrase of this guiding recording in English, translated It to Korean and my predicate was right. It was Korean language.

After one year, I have started to write in korean Hangeul. Ofcourse, It wasn’t sometimes very easy and also, Korean voice of My screen reader was strange. But maybe, due to this I know, how to write some words in Korean. So, for revision I use another voice, mainly from Google. I have started to listen K-pop, I have encountered korean meditation Kwan um school of Zen, but also North Korean Pop too due to some blind people, who discovered It in internet. I have noticed in this year, that korean philosophy is interesting, but I mainly love Korean nation and culture. Maybe It is same, like with my interest with Arabic culture, Balkan culture, Serbian culture, Bulgarian culture and another cultures in our world.


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