Arts is language of the god

I have heard from various people about some movements, which are talked in the languages of light with universe. This is very funny, because god can communicate in our languages with us. But, how We can communicate with god? There are various ways, for example prayers, or Mantras, or maybe arts. One of my big phrases are: ‘Music is language of the universe.’ I called god also universe and there are various explanations. Maybe somebody of You are from India and believe on Hinduism. There is god ‘creator’ named ‘Brahma’, but word ‘Brahma’ means also ‘the universe’ in English language.

So God created man in His own image; Genesis 1:27 NKJV

In his own image, it is also earth. But I have heard, that god has created human from earth and there are various myths in various traditions. So, god was painter and sculptor too. There are also various myths about healing or transcendental powers of music, not just in Christian and Jewish traditions, as a David played to the king Saul on Kinnor and king was healed. Or, what about creation of Weena, ancestor of another indian instrument Sitar by Narada. I’ve heard also, that every sound is music, every music is Mantra and Mantra is unit of every sound. I don’t know, if this prowerb is true, but another says, by Hazrat Inayat Khan:

‘He who knows the secret of sound, knows the mystery of the whole universe’

One of my teachers of alternative musical theory says, that when You have played on sitar, You can communicate with universe, but if You play on fujara (traditional slovak flute), You can communicate with god. I think, that universe and god is same, because of overtones, which have both instruments. Fujara is mostly in My country connected with shepherds and shepherds was among first, who who saw signs of bird of Jesus.

Maybe there are some another examples, but I am musician, so I could look on this art discipline. Lastly, there is an example, how music helped Me. Some months ago, there started some psychical problems in My life. I don’t want to explain It here, only with password maybe, but It’ll be private, not public. After playing music, when I have sung overtones and also beatboxed (but It is music too) with some people, I have psychically regenerated. So, my things were confirmed, that music is the language of the universe. But, there is gap between music for entertainment and spiritual practices. And very lastly for Christians, what do You think about gregorian chants, or some orthodox chants too? It sounds very transcendentally to me.


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