Language and thinking, It was confirmed

There were some radio shows about language and thinking on some slovak radios. I’ve heard, that good prevention against Alzheimer’s disease. How is It? I’ll try to answer those mysteries.

I have sometimes read various articles about languages. One interesting thing was, that Chinese language is very different of our languages, also by using various symbols. For example word “lotus” in Chinese is “lian” and similar syllable is for love “lian”, but with different tone. Due to this, lotus is symbol in chinese culture for love. I have heard, that Chinese characters are in right brain hemisphere. I don’t know, if It is true, but another things was about those characters. One of people asked me randomly, how those characters chinese speakers are learning? There are around 3000 characters, because those characters are logograms. I have found the correct answer on this thing. Some chinese characters are combined of another chinese characters “ideograms”. For example word “to rest” is combination of “human” and “tree”. So, It is human, who leans on a tree. Ofcourse, chinese characters are interesting for me actually too.

But now, I would like to talk about something different, because I have mentioned many things about China and this is not article just about Chinese Hanzi (characters). I was in one language meeting. This is group op people mostly from Slovakia, sitting on café or restaurant and talking in foreign language, for example english language meetings. I don’t know, if It is on another countries, but maybe yes and those conversations are very great to improve conversational skills in, for example English language. I also known british accent too, so I have tryed to speak as clean in English, as I know. I have noticed, that something of My person was changed. It wasn’t a Schizophrenia, but It was very strange. I am from Slovakia, but in this time I felt, as not from Slovakia, but as a foreigner. After this experience I have realised, that maybe my thinking was changed due to this, that I have spoken foreign language, but It wasn’t happened before on another language meetings. One of My spiritual teacher “Vlastimil Marek” says, that our bio computer (brain) is upgraded by every new activities. One of those activities is also learning languages. Vlastimil Marek also recommended to learn Chinese. Reasons are abowe.

After this language meeting I have remembered, that one person, which I know, He knows teacher of Mandarin Chinese. I tryed to imagine, how speakers of Chinese, mostly native speakers can think due to those characters. But, this thing is not just for Mandarin, or Cantonese speakers. This thing sometimes will be happened in languages, who uses, or used chinese characters before, such as CJapanese, Korean or Vietnamese.Sometimes, pronunciation of word is changed, but character pronunciation is due to this word, but without another character are pronounced differently. Big example of this is a Japanese language and name “Mitsubishi”. This word literally means “three water chestnuts”, but “three” is pronounced in Japanese, as “San” and water chestnut as “hishi”. Due to this I have known, that name of this company was written in Kanji script, chinese characters used in Japanese language.

Another example of Hanzi and Hanja (Chinese characters in Korean language) was after that. I was also in Kwan um Zen meditations and We’ll sang sutra “Kwan se um bo sal”. I have read after that one article about Mantras and there were chinese characters, in Pinyin reads, as “guanshi yin pusa”. I have also Korean voice in My screen reader and due to one similarity with mantra Kwan se um bo sal I tried to switch this synthesizer also to Korean language and read those chinese letters. Ofcourse, My premonition was confirmed. Screen reader reads this “Hanja” letters, as “Kwan se um bo sal”. Those letters was also read in Japanese, as “Kanzeon Bosatsu”.

Yes, It was confirmed, that language and thinking are depending on each other. I admire also some polyglots, who knows also from fifteen years about twenty languages, also Chinese too.


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