Big issue for the blind users of Yamaha Genos

If You are blind musician and do You wish to buy arranger workstation Yamaha Genos, I would like to inform You about something bad on this machine.

Ofcourse, sounds are very good and effects, or super articulation function too. There is one thing, which is not very good for the blind. Yes, if You are guessing touch screen, You are right. This is not for example mobile, where You have screen reader. This is arranger workstation, but touch screen is not just used nowadays in Yamaha genos. It is used in Yamaha Montage, Korg PA arrangers ETC. There are maybe other keyboards or workstations, where You have this big obstacle. If You would like to use this keyboard with DAW software, It is very difficult to do that. For those, who loves arranger workstations, You will be able to buy for example younger arrangers, like Yamaha PSR S970 ETC.

I don’t know, that Yamaha made some accessible thing for touch screens, but I’ll guessed, that not. I have heard about something in digital pianos from Yamaha, but I don’t know much about It. Maybe Yamaha will develope some accessible feature.


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