Open message to danish theater about Shenyun performing arts

Dear Royal Danish Theater,

I have read a new about this, that You bow to pressure by chinese embassy, specificalli because of CCP. I would like to explain You a littlebid, who are those performers. Maybe You have some informations from chinese embassy, which are very aggressive. In my country, there are also such informations about Falungong (or Falundafa) practicers, which are also played Shen yun performing arts in New York city, in United states. But why not in China?

Try look for example to and read some messages about Falungong practitioners, how they are persecuted, tortured and used to bad organ harvesting. I know some friends, whom Falundafa changed life and this is not dangerous sect, or movement, as chinese diplomats from CCP often says. Maybe some informations are in Danish language also. I can’t speak Danish language, but It is shock of this thing, which You have done. I thought, that You accept freedom of arts and Shenyun is not bad, as some people are lying.

It is ofcourse, your decision, but please, if You have time, try read about Falungong something, but not just from PRC embassies, but also from websites, like Minghui, or try read Epoch times. There is also Youtube channel Chinese uncensored and various things are explained here also.

I hope, that You have correct decision and You love new things from various kinds of performing arts, who have some prohibitions, but those are not bad.

Thank You.

best regards

Tanuki space

P.S: I know, that trade with China is important thing, but also freedom of culture is very important also.


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