How can blind people download, or read Falundafa books

After some months I have finally discovered, how to read Falundafa books on-line, or how can blind people reads or download those books. I thought, that books can be only purchased and It was, because My screen reader didn’t say to me, that those things are clickable. Maybe It must be this time to known It and this time was yesterday. It was maybe intuition, maybe some histories from Falundafa’s members about theyr change of life due to Falundafa practicing.

So, here is guide step by step, how can blind people read those books on-line, or download It:

  1. For English speakers, go to (there are also versions in another languages too). For books in Your language please visit this site and select Falundafa’s site in Your language.
  2. Try find the link Books & Recent Writings.
  3. After clicking on this link, try find headings of this books, but only headings of books, not like ‘date’ ‘name’ ETC. Those books are headings in level 3.
  4. Press enter on one of those headings. After some seconds, You’ll find links, such as ‘read online’, or ‘download as PDF’.

It was tested with screen reader NVDA and on browsers Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Everything works very well, but You’ll wayt a while to open those links. Don’t worry, It is not very long.


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