Language humorous beasts

Do You like Language humour please, visit this page.

But, I’ll talk about another humour, which can happened due to misstakes of technical translator, or if some words have two meanings in another languages and It can be good to make humour of It. Those things can sometimes happened in such technical translators, as Google translate. It is often, if for example there is similar word like word, which You wrote down, or languages often translate across the English language. Ofcourse, some mutual intelligible languages have good translation, for example Slovak and Czech, Serbian and Croatian ETC. This is maybe, because those translations were developed individually.

Here You have some good and humorous examples of homonimic translations from Czech or Slovak, to English language:

  • I am from Exit – It means “Som z východu”, but this is incorrect translation to English language. Phrase “Som z východu” means in Slovak language ‘I am from east’, or ‘I am from eastern Slovakia’. But word “východ” is translated not just, as east, but also, like exit.
  • Relax in room – Odpočívej v pokoji (Czech) -Again, bad and humorous translation. Correct translation is ‘Rest in peace’. But words “odpočíva in czech, odpočívať in Slovak” means both ‘rest’ and ‘relax’. Word ‘room’ is translated to Slovak language, like “Izba”, but to Czech language, like “pokoj”, which means ‘peace’ both in Czech and Slovak language, but also in Czech it means ‘room’.
  • sausage of lovers – Párek milenců (in Czech) – Again, false translation. Correct translation is ‘a little pair of lovers’, or ‘pair of lovers’. But, word ‘sausage’ is translated in Slovak language, or Czech, like “klobása, párok, párek” ETC. But, in Czech language word “párek” means ‘pair’, or ‘little pair’ or ‘pair in diminutive form’.

There are lot of humorous translations of those languages, but I have remembered only some of those translations. But, did You know, that forbidden fruit We sometimes known, as an apple? Again, bad translation, but by people. This is not language humour, or technical translation. Latin word ‘Malum’, which means ‘bad’, ‘disaster’, ‘calamity’ means also ‘apple’. Language is sometimes beast and also, where are a lot of homophony, there are various meanings of one word. For example, lotus in chinese and love is have same pronunciation. Due to this, lotus is in China symbol of love. In Arabic, there is one word for life and bread. You can play with language, as You can. For example, I have good by permutation name ‘Serena’ such examples, as ‘arsene’. I have remembered also of one example, but It was before this time, when I have practiced English language very often. In one computer game, there was a bad expression: ‘Kiss My fairy rotten arse!’ Ofcourse, I didn’t understand another part of sentence, but I understand only ‘kiss my fairy’ and last word, as ‘us’, or ‘as’, but not, like brittish equivalent of american word ‘ass’ (‘arse’). There are also another situations, which can happened before Google translation were in Slovak language, like: ‘Look like my cry’ was translated by word to word ‘what is your name’ from Slovak to English. But, Google translate have some samples, like a document files, which people can translate. But, translations of texts are sometimes bad.


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