A Solitaire for divination?

Maybe somebody of You knowns very well Solitaire (Patience) game. This game can be played also only with one player. Basical idea is of this game, sorting cards in some manner.

When I have played for example Klondike, I have discovered, that those games were used also for divination, or relaxation. But, where to find a correct manual, how to do that? Specifically, I have oriented on my intuition and not just of another texts, because intuition is very important in this thing.

There are four suits (or colors), as You know: Hearts, spades, diamonds and clubs. This is typical with for english card suits to have joker, but there isn’t any joker here. Also, combinations of Klondike (basic Solitaire game) is very simple. You can combine king of hearts, queen of Spades and jack of diamonds, but not King of hearts, with queen of hearts ETC. This is same, as Yin and Yang principle. Remember, that Hearts representing something spiritual, water, glasses, or water. Spades, as opposite presents fire, swords and fighting. Next are diamonds, which represents rich, coins, gold, metal or earth. After that, opposite is clubs, which presents hard work, poor, or air. Very important is, how to create suits blocks. You first start with ace and ends with king. There are 13 values, not 12 or 14. Number of values. It means, that total number of values is odd, not even. But, if king is man, it represents Yang and queen is woman, it is automatically Yin. Yang means yes, Yin no, but ace is not shure, because ace is only one. This same is with two, because only one ‘yes’ and one ‘no’ is not enough for deciding.

Also, rows of piles are also 7, which You can use for manipulation. 7 is a fortune number, or number of chakras, basical tones (as solfeggios, or for indian classical music). Because of It, You can use those cards for such things, like fortune telling, or divination. This is just help for somebody, which would like to practice It, but rather don’t say big truth to anothers, because people must be like theyr selves, not like You.


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