Intuitive musical instruments, or alternative path to the music

I’ve played ethno music manytimes. I still love It and I have discovered, that some people love It too. Some people would like to rather create something, like ‘natural music’ and played on instruments, which are ethnic, but easy to learn or maybe, intuitive to learn. There is also something, which isn’t musical instrument, but vocal technique, which is very unique by some people.

Which musical instruments are mostly intuitive? Which musical instruments can You easily learn and what vocal technique? There are various kinds of percussions and drums, for example Djembe. Djembe is drum from western Africa. Nextly, another musical instruments are various pipes, for example some pentatonic flutes (Native american flute), or overtone flutes (Koncovka or Fujara). Nextly, some Jawharps are also very great to play, for example Dan moi. Very important for this kind of music is Didgeridoo, which is really natural musical instrument. There are also various percussions, for example rattles or shakers, Shaman frame drums, tibetan singing bowls ETC. Very important is also vocal technique named overtone singing. Human voice isn’t beautiful in chorus, or in opera, but also You can sing two or three notes together. Overtone (or throat) singing is kind of vocal performance, which You can sings really natural scale (overtones), which is very rarely in the west.

If You think, that playing music is drudgery, It is not true. People of various tribes have different opinion of music and I be able to admit, that I love those kind of music. Ofcourse, there are maybe a lot of musical instruments. Remember also, that some ethnic musical instruments may not be expensive. I’ve heard also about musical instruments, which are ethnic, but very heard to learn. Try buy for example Kalimba and You’ll discover, that this musical instrument isn’t difficult.


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