Why I love blogging?

Maybe of new people have those question, why blogging? Why I love blogging and Why I haven’t website. Ofcourse, I have thought on It. It was a long time, where I have tried to find new things for case, if music won’t be my favourite interest. It is good, that It continues. I have noticed, that some blind people recorded stories to computers, broadcasting on internet radio, or some have also websites. But, I have discovered, that this is not my new interest.

I have started to write some short stories, which have been popular only amongst my friends. Nextly, I have heard about blogs and I started to love those things.

I have encountered also, that webpage is static and blog is dinamic. For easy explanation, webpages are grown, but blogs still growing. This is very easy explanation, but main idea of those things was that, that I am interested on various things and I discover new things too. Also, some radio stations haven’t archives, but blogs are very good, because everything is archived there, if You don’t delete a blog. Also, I love podcasts too, but podcasts are blogs in audio. I know also, that some people don’t love reading, but maybe somebody will read my blogs too.


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