My comparation of two tearooms in Košice, SLovakia


I have written one article in my Slovak blog about two tea rooms. Ofcourse, It was different article about this, that I couldn’t to command my heart. But, It is different storry, so let’s compare two teashops, or tearooms in Košice. Note: You can use for Your navigations letter without diacritics, if You are foreigner and You are in Košice. It also find both tearooms.

Dobrá čajovňa is tea room, which is older, tham Čavango. Čavango is new tearoom established in year 2018, so one year ago. Ambient of Dobrá čajovňa is based on meditation and relaxation. It is also known by music and acustics in main tea places, when tea is serving. Ofcourse, there is room for concerts and meditations too.

Čavango is another tearoom and as You noticed abowe, very fresh new tearoom in Košice. Ambient of Čavango is for both meditation, drinking tea ofcourse, but It is between club and tearoom together. You can recognise It on acustics of this places and music too. There is also place for concerts, lectures and there is also jamm party. If You are musician, You maybe know, what is jamm session. If not, let me explain It to You easy, as You can. There is one musical form and You can create something new to this music via improvisation. There are also some musical instruments, but You can brink Your musical instrument, if You have one.

Also, in both tearooms You can drink tea, eat some easy food and also, smoking Hookah.


Is Slovakia started to be, like some african countries?

Some people in social networks says, that We are, like some banana republic, or maybe Bananistan. I think It sometimes too and I’d like to explain You, why.

Some people in Slovakia are not educated very well, like for example people in western countries, such as Germany, United kingdom, Australia, or to surprise, South Korea. Most of our people lives in former regime by thinkings, or sometimes want to return to World war II by thinking. Most of young people says, that history is written by the winners. After those words people started to write or reads about Slovak, or Slavic nations some strange things, which are not true, but false and rational thinking people started to believe those stupid things and gibberishes. Also, some people started to deny the Holocaust. Who was educated outside of Slovakia is sometimes considered to be a traitor by our extremists. But, what is the worst, one foreign student fom Philippines has been killed in Bratislava last year. Some people considered It, as patriotism. So stupid, but that’s true. Also, two people, one journalist and his girlfriend has been killed in my country without reasons.

I’ve heard about very well educated Egyptians, who were came back to Egypt, but when they want to change something in egyptian politics, they were suddenly lost. Some people thinks, that those people were killed and I wouldn’t be surprised at that. Also, in Slovakia, situations is sometimes same. Sometimes I’m having fun from those people, but situation in My country looks, like It isn’t very good. It is maybe same, like in countries of former eastern bloc, but looks on baltic states and try compare for example Romania with Slovakia. Slovakia is better on most things, tham for example countries of the Balkans, but not good, as Baltic states. So, My answer on this question is, that We are not, like some african countries, but if those people, which are mostly in politics won’t be removed It’ll be here, like in some african countries. We’ll need rational people, who lives in present, not in pastand sometimes those people will look to the future. After that, our country will rapidly changed to best countries in the world. There are many things to be changed, but It is to another article.

Koreans and my interest in this nation

Korean language is language isolate. This language is divided due to political things to North Korean language and South Korean language, also known as Koreanic languages. Ofcourse, there is maybe chinese Korean, or Jeju dialect.

Some people classified Korean language to Altaic languages, some people also says, that Korean language is in Japonic language family, but those are just theories without any evidences. I also thought on those theories, but only just by listening of this language. There are also some mongolian and japan sounds too, but those are just sounds. It was also, because of music. In traditional korean music, there are some similarities with for example mongolian music. Somebody says to me, that Chinese, Japan and Korean languages are in same family, but It was mistake due to use of chinese characters and cultural influences in those nations. But nowadays, Korean doesn’t use chinese characters, only sometimes.

I’ll be continued now about korean music. Ofcourse, I have listened littlebid something from traditional music, bat in 2012, there was song of K-pop in our charts too. If You guess Gangnam style from Psy, that’s right. In this case, Korean started to be sounds not just Altaic, but also Japonic too. It was maybe, because I was interested on Japanese language in this age.

I known, how sounds Mandarin Chinese, also Japanese, but Korean was secred to me. In My screen reader, there is implementation also of Korean language. It started to be maybe five years ago. Ofcourse, this Korean is not good.

But in 2014, I was in France in Paris in floating around the Seine. When We was near some monument, recorded guiding spoken word says some information about this monument in French, English, Spanish, Italian, Mandarin and…. What was this last language? Japanese? But, there were sounds and words, which weren’t in Japanese. Some words we’ll repeated. It was part of one of politeness in this language. Ofcourse, in Japanese there are also various forms of expressing politeness. I have little idea, that It is maybe Korean. After returning home I have entered one phrase of this guiding recording in English, translated It to Korean and my predicate was right. It was Korean language.

After one year, I have started to write in korean Hangeul. Ofcourse, It wasn’t sometimes very easy and also, Korean voice of My screen reader was strange. But maybe, due to this I know, how to write some words in Korean. So, for revision I use another voice, mainly from Google. I have started to listen K-pop, I have encountered korean meditation Kwan um school of Zen, but also North Korean Pop too due to some blind people, who discovered It in internet. I have noticed in this year, that korean philosophy is interesting, but I mainly love Korean nation and culture. Maybe It is same, like with my interest with Arabic culture, Balkan culture, Serbian culture, Bulgarian culture and another cultures in our world.

Challenge to Falungongists and every Chinese against Communism

Today in Czech republic and Slovakia is day, when We celebrate Velvet Revolution. Revolution without weapons against Communism. I know, that something was also in China, in Tiananmen. I have heard also, that this revolution was suppressed by regime. But, this is not just message for people living in China, but also in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. Every people, who hasn’t scare for regime, for Falun dafa practitioners, get courage and organise new revolution for communist regime in China, but without weapons. If they’ll arrested You, don’t stop and continue with It. People of India and african countries are now free. This same is for Christians in China, Uyghurs and Tibetans too. Please, don’t use bad weapons, but good weapons, which are in Your hearts.

I am with You.

Who are, or where original people of India?

This question is maybe, as a conspiracy. I thing, that some people of You won’t be happy with My opinions, but those are just My opinions not created just in My head, but also by other people too.

I have heard, that Indo-Arians were also white, like We are. Also I have heard some strange informations, that those from 4th category class in India was a dark people, first people, which were inhabited India. There was also some interview, when one anthropologist says, that there are also white Indians, not only those dark. It was intermarriages between Indo-Arians, and Dravidians. Yes, Dravidians were amongst first, who came to India many thousand years ago.

I have heard also, that Tamil was before Sanskrit. Also, many Tamil people are against Indo-Arian people. It means, that Dravidians were first?

Yes, there are some archeological evidences. You can find It on the internet, for example in Wikipedia. A big example is Harappan civilisation.

Nowadays, mostly Indo-Arians lives in northern India and Dravidians in southern India. But why are Dravidian people against Indo-Arian? Maybe there were some racial things in Indo-Arian group of people against Dravidians? When I have combined those informations mentioned abowe, I am worried, that yes. I think, that Dravidians were enslaved by Indo-Arians. Also, Dravidian haplo group is similar to those people living in Indonesia, or oceanian islands. But, there is big hope. Many of those people were in great classes or casts. So, how was It?

Arts is language of the god

I have heard from various people about some movements, which are talked in the languages of light with universe. This is very funny, because god can communicate in our languages with us. But, how We can communicate with god? There are various ways, for example prayers, or Mantras, or maybe arts. One of my big phrases are: ‘Music is language of the universe.’ I called god also universe and there are various explanations. Maybe somebody of You are from India and believe on Hinduism. There is god ‘creator’ named ‘Brahma’, but word ‘Brahma’ means also ‘the universe’ in English language.

So God created man in His own image; Genesis 1:27 NKJV

In his own image, it is also earth. But I have heard, that god has created human from earth and there are various myths in various traditions. So, god was painter and sculptor too. There are also various myths about healing or transcendental powers of music, not just in Christian and Jewish traditions, as a David played to the king Saul on Kinnor and king was healed. Or, what about creation of Weena, ancestor of another indian instrument Sitar by Narada. I’ve heard also, that every sound is music, every music is Mantra and Mantra is unit of every sound. I don’t know, if this prowerb is true, but another says, by Hazrat Inayat Khan:

‘He who knows the secret of sound, knows the mystery of the whole universe’

One of my teachers of alternative musical theory says, that when You have played on sitar, You can communicate with universe, but if You play on fujara (traditional slovak flute), You can communicate with god. I think, that universe and god is same, because of overtones, which have both instruments. Fujara is mostly in My country connected with shepherds and shepherds was among first, who who saw signs of bird of Jesus.

Maybe there are some another examples, but I am musician, so I could look on this art discipline. Lastly, there is an example, how music helped Me. Some months ago, there started some psychical problems in My life. I don’t want to explain It here, only with password maybe, but It’ll be private, not public. After playing music, when I have sung overtones and also beatboxed (but It is music too) with some people, I have psychically regenerated. So, my things were confirmed, that music is the language of the universe. But, there is gap between music for entertainment and spiritual practices. And very lastly for Christians, what do You think about gregorian chants, or some orthodox chants too? It sounds very transcendentally to me.

Language and thinking, It was confirmed

There were some radio shows about language and thinking on some slovak radios. I’ve heard, that good prevention against Alzheimer’s disease. How is It? I’ll try to answer those mysteries.

I have sometimes read various articles about languages. One interesting thing was, that Chinese language is very different of our languages, also by using various symbols. For example word “lotus” in Chinese is “lian” and similar syllable is for love “lian”, but with different tone. Due to this, lotus is symbol in chinese culture for love. I have heard, that Chinese characters are in right brain hemisphere. I don’t know, if It is true, but another things was about those characters. One of people asked me randomly, how those characters chinese speakers are learning? There are around 3000 characters, because those characters are logograms. I have found the correct answer on this thing. Some chinese characters are combined of another chinese characters “ideograms”. For example word “to rest” is combination of “human” and “tree”. So, It is human, who leans on a tree. Ofcourse, chinese characters are interesting for me actually too.

But now, I would like to talk about something different, because I have mentioned many things about China and this is not article just about Chinese Hanzi (characters). I was in one language meeting. This is group op people mostly from Slovakia, sitting on café or restaurant and talking in foreign language, for example english language meetings. I don’t know, if It is on another countries, but maybe yes and those conversations are very great to improve conversational skills in, for example English language. I also known british accent too, so I have tryed to speak as clean in English, as I know. I have noticed, that something of My person was changed. It wasn’t a Schizophrenia, but It was very strange. I am from Slovakia, but in this time I felt, as not from Slovakia, but as a foreigner. After this experience I have realised, that maybe my thinking was changed due to this, that I have spoken foreign language, but It wasn’t happened before on another language meetings. One of My spiritual teacher “Vlastimil Marek” says, that our bio computer (brain) is upgraded by every new activities. One of those activities is also learning languages. Vlastimil Marek also recommended to learn Chinese. Reasons are abowe.

After this language meeting I have remembered, that one person, which I know, He knows teacher of Mandarin Chinese. I tryed to imagine, how speakers of Chinese, mostly native speakers can think due to those characters. But, this thing is not just for Mandarin, or Cantonese speakers. This thing sometimes will be happened in languages, who uses, or used chinese characters before, such as CJapanese, Korean or Vietnamese.Sometimes, pronunciation of word is changed, but character pronunciation is due to this word, but without another character are pronounced differently. Big example of this is a Japanese language and name “Mitsubishi”. This word literally means “three water chestnuts”, but “three” is pronounced in Japanese, as “San” and water chestnut as “hishi”. Due to this I have known, that name of this company was written in Kanji script, chinese characters used in Japanese language.

Another example of Hanzi and Hanja (Chinese characters in Korean language) was after that. I was also in Kwan um Zen meditations and We’ll sang sutra “Kwan se um bo sal”. I have read after that one article about Mantras and there were chinese characters, in Pinyin reads, as “guanshi yin pusa”. I have also Korean voice in My screen reader and due to one similarity with mantra Kwan se um bo sal I tried to switch this synthesizer also to Korean language and read those chinese letters. Ofcourse, My premonition was confirmed. Screen reader reads this “Hanja” letters, as “Kwan se um bo sal”. Those letters was also read in Japanese, as “Kanzeon Bosatsu”.

Yes, It was confirmed, that language and thinking are depending on each other. I admire also some polyglots, who knows also from fifteen years about twenty languages, also Chinese too. opinion is a shop based in Germany. As name says, It sells Jawharps, but not just vietnamese Dan moi Jawharps, but also jawharps from various countries, like Russia, China, India, Czech republic, or Slovakia. Also, this shop sells various musical instruments from around the world, such as gongs, tibetan singing bowls, Didgeridoos, sound imitation instruments and another things.

What I would like to say about this website? Website is very accessible for the blind people, there is also accessible sound player. Website is in English and German. Most of musical instruments We also know from this shop, but I don’t know, that this shop sells theyr products to another shops. Good is, that this shop supported masters, who handly make those musical instruments from various countries. You can move very great on this website with Screen readers, such as NVDA and menu of products is excellently constructed.

Big issue for the blind users of Yamaha Genos

If You are blind musician and do You wish to buy arranger workstation Yamaha Genos, I would like to inform You about something bad on this machine.

Ofcourse, sounds are very good and effects, or super articulation function too. There is one thing, which is not very good for the blind. Yes, if You are guessing touch screen, You are right. This is not for example mobile, where You have screen reader. This is arranger workstation, but touch screen is not just used nowadays in Yamaha genos. It is used in Yamaha Montage, Korg PA arrangers ETC. There are maybe other keyboards or workstations, where You have this big obstacle. If You would like to use this keyboard with DAW software, It is very difficult to do that. For those, who loves arranger workstations, You will be able to buy for example younger arrangers, like Yamaha PSR S970 ETC.

I don’t know, that Yamaha made some accessible thing for touch screens, but I’ll guessed, that not. I have heard about something in digital pianos from Yamaha, but I don’t know much about It. Maybe Yamaha will develope some accessible feature.

Open message to danish theater about Shenyun performing arts

Dear Royal Danish Theater,

I have read a new about this, that You bow to pressure by chinese embassy, specificalli because of CCP. I would like to explain You a littlebid, who are those performers. Maybe You have some informations from chinese embassy, which are very aggressive. In my country, there are also such informations about Falungong (or Falundafa) practicers, which are also played Shen yun performing arts in New York city, in United states. But why not in China?

Try look for example to and read some messages about Falungong practitioners, how they are persecuted, tortured and used to bad organ harvesting. I know some friends, whom Falundafa changed life and this is not dangerous sect, or movement, as chinese diplomats from CCP often says. Maybe some informations are in Danish language also. I can’t speak Danish language, but It is shock of this thing, which You have done. I thought, that You accept freedom of arts and Shenyun is not bad, as some people are lying.

It is ofcourse, your decision, but please, if You have time, try read about Falungong something, but not just from PRC embassies, but also from websites, like Minghui, or try read Epoch times. There is also Youtube channel Chinese uncensored and various things are explained here also.

I hope, that You have correct decision and You love new things from various kinds of performing arts, who have some prohibitions, but those are not bad.

Thank You.

best regards

Tanuki space

P.S: I know, that trade with China is important thing, but also freedom of culture is very important also.