Issue with switching back to classic editor is fixed

Dear readers, also for blind readers too,

Problem with switching to classical editor is fixed. Some themes haven’t this option. With help of some devs from, I have sent My new created site for test. One of devs responded to me, that this theme, what I have set hasn’t this option. I couldn’t imagine, that this editor depends on WP theme. So, I have moved to theme, which I have mostly used and option was there.

So, this problem is solved finally and I’ll maybe test some themes to find, which countains this classic editor. I know only some themes, but maybe those new themes didn’t countains this editor. I would like to please developers to not remove those free old themes, because of this classic editor feature.


New issues in platforms

I didn’t want to write about It. Most of My friends says, that is nolonger good, as It was. Ofcourse, various people has different preferences.

Nowadays, has many issues for me. Some of those issues were fixed, for example those with strange hidden windows, when You want to switch language, or You want to delete site ETC. Those things are accessible now for people, like Me, for the blind people.

I use screen reader NVDA, as most blind people. I don’t know, how It is with JAWS, but maybe same.

So, look on those issues. I hope, that developers of this site will read It and maybe answer to me.

  • In default option is Gutenberg editor. This editor is not very accessible for the blind.
  • Nextly, I can create blog with .****.blog, when .**** means for example, ETC. Those options are for free. So, I can create blog site for example, but not If Yes, It is for example business sites, but I mostly loves blogs.
  • From June 2019 I have noticed, that option ‘switch to classic editor’ is lost. Also, classic blog is not solving of this issue, because interface is still unaccessible.
  • Also, can I create free site, or can I pay to save My site, or not?

Those questions and issues are very important for me. My patience was out, but some problems are not just My problems. There are lot of people in forum, who are not very happy with some of those things. I’ll give another chance, but if those things were complicated, I’ll delete everything from I don’t want to create commercial site. I love blogs and also, Blogger isn’t so accessible, like But maybe, there are another good sites, which are accessible for us. But, that’s pity, that I will haveto delete some of My blogs, like My blog Globe of music, blog about music from around the world. It is one of blog, who is about world music, or music from around the world in Slovak language on the internet. It is very difficult for Me to say bye to this site. I have some fans on Facebook. I must say, that not a lot, but that’s not matter.

So, what to do next? Maybe, just wayting.

With Ukulele in Krk island, Croatia: about my fulfilled dreams

As I have mentioned here on My blog, I was also in holiday in Croatia. There, some of my dreams was fulfilled. For example, to listen Klapa music live, not just from internet, or music player. But, there were more things, like fulfilled dreams?

But, how was ukulele there? Somebody of You maybe are from Croatia and also from Dalmacia. Maybe You know Klapa music, but there is just singing, guitar, bassguitar, mandolin and that’s It! So, to explain It to You, I was in hotel Drazica in island named Krk, which means ‘neck’ in English. At one evening, there was life music session. I have been surprised, when I had first listened Klapa music. When was a break, I have to ask musicians name of their Klapa. Name of Klapa was Klapa Tramuntana. That’s pity, that I have forgotten city of this band. We agreed to play together after the break. In this break I have played to some austrian holidaymakers. After break, I have to try play with Klapa Tramuntana on ukulele one song. After that, they gave me to stage and I have played there some slovak, croatian and italian songs, but some without previous training. Those songs were played great. Some people recorded this performance, as a video. There weren’t any mistakes. People from civil association, with whom I was in this holiday admired me.

So, my dream was fulfilled to listen Klapa, but My dream wasn’t to play with Klapa. It was, like some addition to this dream. I would like to thanks to Klapa Tramuntana, also to people from hotel Drazica and appartments Lovorka to play there and also to civil association smile at me “usmej sa na mňa”.

With ukulele in Egypt

Hotel Sea Star Beau Rivage Resort in famous egyptian holiday destination in red coast sea Hurghada maybe not enjoy those strange thing. One blind man from Slovakia plays on ukulele and sings various music, but in his repertoire there are also some arabic music too, for example from famous egyptian singer Amr Diab. Who was this man?

If You guess Me, You are right. I have decided in My last holiday in 2019 to Egypt to brink My ukulele to the beach of this resort with me and to make the atmosphere more pleasant not just for holidaymakers, but also for egyptians too. I know some pieces of arabic music from artists, such as Amr Diab, Mohamed Mounir, Khaled, Cheb Mami and another various artists. But, there was also some famous popular hits, folk music from Croatia, some Slovak Pop tracks, German Volksmusic ETC.

Reactions were good, not just from holidaymakers, but also from egyptians, aswell as some animators, especially from Lisa from South Africa. It was another evidence of one of My typical phrases, that music is language of universe, or music is connecting people without any differences.

I have started to play on ukulele five years ago. So, for this occassion I have decided to do this thing. There were many people, also from Spain, Serbia, Germany, aswell as from Slovakia and maybe from another countries. I have remembered on reaction of two spouses from France, after when I have tried to sing c’est la rose l’important from famous chanson singer Gilbert Bécaud. Lisa says to me, that She loves Aicha from Cheb Khaled. We have both sang also famous song from Bob Marley, “No woman no cry“. If I didn’t known some parts of lyrics of this song, I have uset Beatboxing.

I have also sang some songs with holidaymaker from Slovakia. She has very nice voice. We mostly sang traditional slovak and rusin songs.

So, where I’ll sing in holiday? In this year, It’ll be in Croatia in Krk island after a week in hotel Dražica and in Apartment Lovorka.

Open Message to European parliament for new legislation about new copyright law

Dear people from European parliament,

I am Marco Oros. I am from Slovakia and I am very scared about new legislation, which You wants to follow, or new law which You want to approve. I understand Wikipedia’s protest of this thing and I am not very happy because of this, what You want to approve. 11 and 13 paragraphs are very bad for me.

I am blind and I must use images and photos or pictures from Wikipedia on My blogs for good traffic on My blogs. I am blind and I couldn’t allow to post images on My posts, which are under some policies. Wikipedia has a Creative commons license, so everyone can use those things from Wikipedia everywhere and also upload some images to Wikipedia too. There are also another sites too with this special license, but do You understand, that You just complicate some big things with this law? After following this new legislations I won’t post some things on My blogs and I don’t created those things for Myself, but for another people, who are inspirated from My blogs about music. I mostly publish posts in Slovak language, but It doesn’t matter, because I would like to post for people, who can speak Slovak and also, Czech language is mutually intelligible with Slovak language too, so also for Czech people too. After following this law, some things and those things will be bad for Wikipedia users, users of another sites and also for bloggers, who don’t want to improve egoes very bad. Please, could You edit this legislation, or not approve this copyright law?

I am sorry, but English is not My primary language.

Thank You.

best regards

Marco Oros from Slovakia

My comparation of two tearooms in Košice, SLovakia


I have written one article in my Slovak blog about two tea rooms. Ofcourse, It was different article about this, that I couldn’t to command my heart. But, It is different storry, so let’s compare two teashops, or tearooms in Košice. Note: You can use for Your navigations letter without diacritics, if You are foreigner and You are in Košice. It also find both tearooms.

Dobrá čajovňa is tea room, which is older, tham Čavango. Čavango is new tearoom established in year 2018, so one year ago. Ambient of Dobrá čajovňa is based on meditation and relaxation. It is also known by music and acustics in main tea places, when tea is serving. Ofcourse, there is room for concerts and meditations too.

Čavango is another tearoom and as You noticed abowe, very fresh new tearoom in Košice. Ambient of Čavango is for both meditation, drinking tea ofcourse, but It is between club and tearoom together. You can recognise It on acustics of this places and music too. There is also place for concerts, lectures and there is also jamm party. If You are musician, You maybe know, what is jamm session. If not, let me explain It to You easy, as You can. There is one musical form and You can create something new to this music via improvisation. There are also some musical instruments, but You can brink Your musical instrument, if You have one.

Also, in both tearooms You can drink tea, eat some easy food and also, smoking Hookah.

Is Slovakia started to be, like some african countries?

Some people in social networks says, that We are, like some banana republic, or maybe Bananistan. I think It sometimes too and I’d like to explain You, why.

Some people in Slovakia are not educated very well, like for example people in western countries, such as Germany, United kingdom, Australia, or to surprise, South Korea. Most of our people lives in former regime by thinkings, or sometimes want to return to World war II by thinking. Most of young people says, that history is written by the winners. After those words people started to write or reads about Slovak, or Slavic nations some strange things, which are not true, but false and rational thinking people started to believe those stupid things and gibberishes. Also, some people started to deny the Holocaust. Who was educated outside of Slovakia is sometimes considered to be a traitor by our extremists. But, what is the worst, one foreign student fom Philippines has been killed in Bratislava last year. Some people considered It, as patriotism. So stupid, but that’s true. Also, two people, one journalist and his girlfriend has been killed in my country without reasons.

I’ve heard about very well educated Egyptians, who were came back to Egypt, but when they want to change something in egyptian politics, they were suddenly lost. Some people thinks, that those people were killed and I wouldn’t be surprised at that. Also, in Slovakia, situations is sometimes same. Sometimes I’m having fun from those people, but situation in My country looks, like It isn’t very good. It is maybe same, like in countries of former eastern bloc, but looks on baltic states and try compare for example Romania with Slovakia. Slovakia is better on most things, tham for example countries of the Balkans, but not good, as Baltic states. So, My answer on this question is, that We are not, like some african countries, but if those people, which are mostly in politics won’t be removed It’ll be here, like in some african countries. We’ll need rational people, who lives in present, not in pastand sometimes those people will look to the future. After that, our country will rapidly changed to best countries in the world. There are many things to be changed, but It is to another article.

Koreans and my interest in this nation

Korean language is language isolate. This language is divided due to political things to North Korean language and South Korean language, also known as Koreanic languages. Ofcourse, there is maybe chinese Korean, or Jeju dialect.

Some people classified Korean language to Altaic languages, some people also says, that Korean language is in Japonic language family, but those are just theories without any evidences. I also thought on those theories, but only just by listening of this language. There are also some mongolian and japan sounds too, but those are just sounds. It was also, because of music. In traditional korean music, there are some similarities with for example mongolian music. Somebody says to me, that Chinese, Japan and Korean languages are in same family, but It was mistake due to use of chinese characters and cultural influences in those nations. But nowadays, Korean doesn’t use chinese characters, only sometimes.

I’ll be continued now about korean music. Ofcourse, I have listened littlebid something from traditional music, bat in 2012, there was song of K-pop in our charts too. If You guess Gangnam style from Psy, that’s right. In this case, Korean started to be sounds not just Altaic, but also Japonic too. It was maybe, because I was interested on Japanese language in this age.

I known, how sounds Mandarin Chinese, also Japanese, but Korean was secred to me. In My screen reader, there is implementation also of Korean language. It started to be maybe five years ago. Ofcourse, this Korean is not good.

But in 2014, I was in France in Paris in floating around the Seine. When We was near some monument, recorded guiding spoken word says some information about this monument in French, English, Spanish, Italian, Mandarin and…. What was this last language? Japanese? But, there were sounds and words, which weren’t in Japanese. Some words we’ll repeated. It was part of one of politeness in this language. Ofcourse, in Japanese there are also various forms of expressing politeness. I have little idea, that It is maybe Korean. After returning home I have entered one phrase of this guiding recording in English, translated It to Korean and my predicate was right. It was Korean language.

After one year, I have started to write in korean Hangeul. Ofcourse, It wasn’t sometimes very easy and also, Korean voice of My screen reader was strange. But maybe, due to this I know, how to write some words in Korean. So, for revision I use another voice, mainly from Google. I have started to listen K-pop, I have encountered korean meditation Kwan um school of Zen, but also North Korean Pop too due to some blind people, who discovered It in internet. I have noticed in this year, that korean philosophy is interesting, but I mainly love Korean nation and culture. Maybe It is same, like with my interest with Arabic culture, Balkan culture, Serbian culture, Bulgarian culture and another cultures in our world.

Challenge to Falungongists and every Chinese against Communism

Today in Czech republic and Slovakia is day, when We celebrate Velvet Revolution. Revolution without weapons against Communism. I know, that something was also in China, in Tiananmen. I have heard also, that this revolution was suppressed by regime. But, this is not just message for people living in China, but also in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. Every people, who hasn’t scare for regime, for Falun dafa practitioners, get courage and organise new revolution for communist regime in China, but without weapons. If they’ll arrested You, don’t stop and continue with It. People of India and african countries are now free. This same is for Christians in China, Uyghurs and Tibetans too. Please, don’t use bad weapons, but good weapons, which are in Your hearts.

I am with You.

Who are, or where original people of India?

This question is maybe, as a conspiracy. I thing, that some people of You won’t be happy with My opinions, but those are just My opinions not created just in My head, but also by other people too.

I have heard, that Indo-Arians were also white, like We are. Also I have heard some strange informations, that those from 4th category class in India was a dark people, first people, which were inhabited India. There was also some interview, when one anthropologist says, that there are also white Indians, not only those dark. It was intermarriages between Indo-Arians, and Dravidians. Yes, Dravidians were amongst first, who came to India many thousand years ago.

I have heard also, that Tamil was before Sanskrit. Also, many Tamil people are against Indo-Arian people. It means, that Dravidians were first?

Yes, there are some archeological evidences. You can find It on the internet, for example in Wikipedia. A big example is Harappan civilisation.

Nowadays, mostly Indo-Arians lives in northern India and Dravidians in southern India. But why are Dravidian people against Indo-Arian? Maybe there were some racial things in Indo-Arian group of people against Dravidians? When I have combined those informations mentioned abowe, I am worried, that yes. I think, that Dravidians were enslaved by Indo-Arians. Also, Dravidian haplo group is similar to those people living in Indonesia, or oceanian islands. But, there is big hope. Many of those people were in great classes or casts. So, how was It?